Coming Together Nicely

More progress on the Bitza Build. Got my ignition switch mounted, made one of the missing top engine mounts, made the coil mounting bracket fit, painted the shorty mudguards (not my finest work, to be fitted after compliance with a smaller tail light), fitted the exhaust from my “good” CG (not sure I like this one anymore so a new one coming for my “good” CG). Engine starts easily and runs well. Valve clearances need doing, but there is an odd noise coming from the bottom end. A sort of clicking, doesn’t sound like it’s from the engine, maybe clutch or gearbox. Further investigation required.


2 thoughts on “Coming Together Nicely

    1. Both stock 18 inch rims. I have some alloy 17 inch rims and hubs which I am planning on lacing up. Better tire choice with 17 inch rims and the rims I have are wider.

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